The Vale Dental Practice is focused on quality care. We believe that the best care is carried out by the best professionals. That’s why we have a team of individuals catered to helping, assisting and ensuring the best care for all our patients.


Emergency dentistry is provided up to 12 AM every night. This is at the same charge as the daily rate. With this service we aim to ensure that all our patients are taken care of at any time they so wish for.  A general emergency dentist with years of experience is ready to diagnose and treat any problem you may have. This service extends even to weekend days, including Saturday and Sunday.


Cosmetics, whether it is teeth whitening, veneers, snap on smile or braces, our qualified and friendly cosmetic dentist has a wealth of experience. Consultations are completed and a honest appraisal of what can be achieved and the different options for treatment are conveyed. When a patient is fully aware of the risks and benefits of the procedures, only then do we complete a fantastic treatment option.


Oral surgery, if a patient has a painful wisdom tooth, or if a patient has a tooth that has broken down and is on a long waiting list for extraction, we will ensure the extraction is completed on the day. We honour this pledge by having a qualified oral surgeon on call. Once a tooth is extracted, then a consultation for an implant or bridge to fill in the gap is immediately implemented.

Three practice principles


Honesty, we will be honest with you with what a treatment will achieve. You will be aware of the risks and the prognosis for treatment. You will also be aware of costs and any alternative to treatments.


Reach ability, if you have problems getting in direct contact with your dentist elsewhere, this will not be a problem as in 80% of cases we try to get the dentist themselves to answer the phone.


Friendly, we are aware the dental practice is not the nicest place to be, that’s why all our staff are trained to deal with nervous patients, and provide a friendly, helpful and informal environment so that our patients can feel comfortable.