A knocked Out Front Tooth 

This Gentleman visited the emergency dentist in severe pain after a incident in a club. He needed a new tooth in one day due to a precious social life. We took an impression and created a resin retained bridge in 24 hours. The resin retained bridge is a fixed aesthetic replacement of the tooth. The benefits are its ease of use and minimal invasive requirements. The alternatives would be an implant or denture. In this case the patient was young and did not want to have a denture. The implant option would have taken at least 3 months, this is because the bone needs to heal and resorb so that the implant will look natural around the gum line. Therefore a 'stick on' bridge, was the best option for this patient He was extremely happy, and will return in a few months for a implant after the healing has fully taken place. 


 Fractured Tooth q/a 6/9/18 



Welcome to the emergency dentist in London. We provide a 24 Hour Dental service, 7 days a week including bank holidays. 

There are some common questions everyone has regarding severe toothache, we ask one of our main emergency dental specialists the answer to some of your questions. If you have any further questions feel free to call us on 02084550465 or send an email to 

1.I have a chipped tooth what are my options ? 

A: there are many answers to this question. Thanks to 21st-century dentistry, we have plenty of options for treatment. Every single option we offer at emergency dentist. Let’s now discuss some of the options for treatment. Option one is a composite buildup. Within this option there are three sub options. There are three different composite that we use at the practice reflecting different price ranges and quality. We aim to offer every patient a treatment and therefore we endeavour to provide emergency dentist patients, with all the advice and advantages and disadvantages for each treatment.


Composite‘s can be placed on the same day and depending on the quality will provide fantastic aesthetic results. The advantage of composite‘s is that they are minimally invasive and can be placed immediately. The disadvantages of composite‘s is that they can Fall out. Another main disadvantage is that they can stain over time. Finally to place a composite one would require a certain amount of tooth tissue to retain the composite restoration, if the Tooth does not have a Enough tooth tissue ‏ then a composite buildup is impossible. Generally a composite is placed as immediate emergency treatment to provide anaesthetic replacement of lost tooth tissue on the front teeth, and then further treatment is then planned such as crown Emacs veneers, porcelain veneers, zirconia crowns. All of these on long-term treatment options which should last 5 to 10 years. If the composite restoration is placed according to the parameters that it is built for them they can last anywhere between 2 to 3 years up to 5 to 10 years. There is one major disadvantage of composite restorations on a occlusal coverage for molar and premolar restorations. In a patient who has a high sugar intake, they can be prone to something called polymerisation shrinkage, this can result in decay underneath the tooth something known as secondary decay. With the advent of technology and new bonding adhesives this is less of a risk but still something to consider.


The second option is known as veneers or crowns. Generally crowns are the best tooth generic tooth replacement. This is because they cover the tooth completely and provide complete coverage. This also allows retention to be extremely high especially with very high quality retention . Crowns can last up to 20 sometimes even 30 years if completed perfectly. In this age of social media, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, people are ever increasingly asking for Veneers. Most celebrities who have a gleaming smile have had a set of Veneers placed. 

They can quite literally Transformed a smile. However both crowns and veneers have the disadvantages. Primarily crowns are maximally invasive, that translates in layman terms as cutting down the truth a lot. This means that sometimes a process called iatrogenic  exposure of the nerve. This results in a extremely painful process called irreversible pulpitis and the treatment option for this is a Ruca now. Therefore crowns are usually only placed in areas which have been root canal the previously and although I have no alternative option, such as an inly or Onley.  


Dental veneers , They have an surprisingly wondrous affect on patients. The aesthetic’s that can be obtained from dental veneers is mesmerising, yellow out of shape teeth can be swapped for Hollywood’s white, and straight tooth or teeth. The disadvantages of veneers are that they can come out because they don’t fully cut through the  tooth and therefore retention is much poorer then a crown. Having said this this also has an advantage because the tooth is Cut less and therefore is  lower risk of causing exposure to the nerve. 


Emergency dentistry, patients often come in with a fractured front tooth due to a fall, fight, eating on a strong hard substance, or previously completed treatment. They are often scared and shocked about what they can do. Rest assured our team of highly skilled dental qualified professionals will provide immediate  dentistry to you. As we only deal with emergencies we have special products that can be used to build back the truth on the same day such as fiber posts, and 24 hour labs that can return a crown back with in 24 hours. Therefore if you are suffering from a broken tooth front to back, give us a call now and speak to a emergency dentist to find out what options are specifically required for yourself.