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Nervous Patients Consultations in Berkeley street 

Evening and weekend appointments available 365 days a year. Emergency dentist appointments at all hours, with a special focus on pain relief immediately. Our revolutionary offer to nervous patients who are sometimes to frightened to come into the dental office, is to make them feel completely at ease and comfortable with any dental work that they may require. How ? Via meeting with a member of our highly trained and professional team in an informal setting. This allows the patient to have a feel of the experience and professionalism that will take care of them once they enter the actual dental office. Our consultations occur in central London Berkley street, and offer easy access from a wide range of direct transport links.  We will see each and every patient on the same day, and fix any issues you may have. Our Dentists have had at least 6 years experience exclusively with pain management and can therefore target exactly where the pain may be emanating from. This will give you the best chance of immediate pain relief. Open 24 hours a day, there is no service quite like us. We have a range of specialists from root canal to oral surgeons, who can extract teeth, even in extremely complicated situations. Our prices reflect the devotion to customer satisfaction. Patients are only charged £35 to be seen during the day, and £45 in the late hours. 

Dental Hygiene


Installed the New K7 Scaler, means that a normal hygienist appointment is quicker, less painful and more sterile then ever.  

 Veneers & Crown
Dr mani is a cosmetic special intrest dentist, who has completed the highly acredited ''Chris Orr'' Course
Teeth Whitening


Laser or Home bleaching, both options lead to a fantastic results. 

Dental Fillings


Only the hghest quality Composite fillings are used. We are only one a few completely Amalgum free practices. 

Emergency Dentistry


24 Hours a day , 7 Days a week. Simple as that. 

Emergency Treatments

Root canal treatment from £195 for the first stage.

If you are experiencing severe throbbing pain worst in the evening and better with cold water, this is a sign your nerve is dead, and you require an emergency root canal treatment to alleviate the pain. This is performed by one of our skilled emergency dentists who has performed thousands of root canals. The pulp is accessed, sterilised and pressure released, the nerves are extirpated and a soothing medication is placed inside the pulp followed by a temporary filling. The pain should decrease instantly, sometimes if there is an infection the swelling may take a few days to go down, and antibiotics are required. Our emergency dentist will complete a thorough check up of the tooth including vitality tests to see what is the best treatment option for you

Extraction From £185

If the tooth is not restorable or unable to save the tooth or highly infected, or a patient does not want to go ahead with a root canal, then the best treatment would be to remove the tooth in its entirety.

Once removed we can offer a replacement for the tooth either an implant, Denture or bridge. It’s important if possible to replace the tooth otherwise you can get over eruption of the opposing tooth and distal migration of the next door teeth.

Composite restorations for chipped / broken teeth From £195

Teeth that are chipped, broken, fractured but still alive vital, can be emergency treated with a tooth coloured composite restoration. Our emergency dentists have completed post graduate courses to ensure they can perform the most aesthetic replacements to give you the best colour match and polish possible.

Prescription. - sometimes a infected tooth requires a prescription of antibiotics, our dentists are qualified to prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to alleviate infections and pain. However long term treatments are still required to ensure you don’t suffer from reoccurring pain.


Crowns from £576

A broken down tooth that has competed a root canal requires a crown to help save the remaining dental tissues Smile makeovers Have a look at our gallery for our latest smile makeovers, we have a guaranteed price match for the same quality our affordable life changing treatments can revolutionise your smile allowing you to breathe with confidence once again. Give us a call and we will book you in for a consultation to see what we can do for you snd which branch is providing the cheapest prices.


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